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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. next now on newscenter 5. >> the chance more thunderstorms returned tonight. maria: an 81-year-old woman dodging a bullet, fire emergency out west. the evacuations underway right now. high-tech tas. the mit invention linking you to your devices. a final salute to a local pow, >> it was my destiny to find him. >> the hard fought mission to bring him home after six decades. >> from boston's news later, this is wcvb newscenter five at 7 p.m. the storms we were watching mariathe storms we were watching earlier have moved out but the : threat isn't over yet. good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed i'm ed harding. : the wind that came through
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leonard is watching both rounds of storms. let's start with him tonight. harvey: the first round is over for most of us but not quite. still around cape ann from its wits -- ipswich to essex. this should be of the coast within the next 30 to 45 minutes. then there is a gap that there are some storms and eastern york and -- that could affect us and severe weather across parts of new york state wherehe as you go through the evening only widely scattered storms. a little later tonight we may see some popping up or approaching from the west. a chance for storms will be across vermont, new hampshire, and maine. the front get set to move through. i will let you know what will follow in a few minutes. ed: only on 5, a close call for
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house, almost hitting her. tonight, she's sharing the scary experience with our shaun chaiyabhat and shaun, she might not be the only victim? shaun: lowell police say they are investigating 3 other cases of someone shooting at homes over the weekend. well people role -- while people were sleeping. this makes the 4th. the victim asked we not show where she lives or her name. >> they put a hole in the screen. i think it was just some nut that gs shaun: monday morning 81-year-old ann thought she heard fireworks. but she woke up to this. >> there was a hole in my screen. a hole in my curtain and then a hole right through the wall thru -- through both rooms area it's bigger in the other room where it came out. it took part of the side of the window and made a hole in my
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there. so it all came in at an angle. we are in bed. shaun: the bullet flew through her bedroom and punctured an inch-wide hole in the next room. later that morning she found this and called police. >> when he went up, he saw that it wasn't fireworks. he saw that it was a gunshot. shaun: thankfully she was not hurt. police say nobody was injured in the other cases either. it is unclear if they are connected. maria: a tough day for family and friends. they said goodbye to vanessa marcotte. as the search for runner's killer is now on day number 10 with no answers. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live in princeton. nicole: there are a lot of questions when it comes to the death of vanessa mark caught -- marcotte.
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vanessa marcotte once called home. a somber procession leading to the leominster church that would house her final goodbye. >> her love of life and friendship and family. nicole it was the love that : marcotte shared with the world. >> she did not have a evil piece of energy in her. nicole that drew hundreds to : embrace the legacy she left behind. to complete strangers. many who came, if only for a moment to help carry the burden of loss. her murder still a mystery. marcotte found in a little over a week ago in a wooded area in princeton, she was out for a jog, but never returned. >> i have a daughter. where ever she goes -- whenever she go somewhere i worry. nicole: the support inside the church, was met with the empathtic emotion from strangers
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>> i wanted to put my hand on my heart and say a prayer inside and maybe she will hear me up top. >> maybe this will amount to something. nicole: police are asking the public, if you saw something to give lisa call. -- police a call. ed an arlington man is facing : car-jacking and armed robbery charges, accused of a violent crime spree last night. 28-yol investigators say he car-jacked a driver on rutherford avenue in charlestown, gesturing as though he had a firearm. police later spotted the car in somerville. as daniell was taken into custody, police say he admitted to robbing a convenience store in that city. the owner later released a security-camera picture. a 17-year-old in brockton is recovering after he was shot twice last night. police say the teen was targeted. last night, a group of teens were sitting on a bench at the chatham west apartment complex when several shots rang out. the victim was shot in the foot
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conflicting statements about what happened. aaron hernandez now knows when he will go on trial for a double murder in boston. at a hearing this afternoon, the judge set february 13 as the start date for jury selection. hernandez is charged with the murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado. they were shot and killed in 2012 in the south end after what the prosecution calls a chance encounter with the former patriot at a nightclub. : judge on the stand today called to testify in the case of a convicted murderer fighting for freedom. fred weichel says he's innocent and deserves a new trial. mike beaudet live outside court in brockton tonight. mike: he spent more than 30 years in prison but he is hoping that this hearing will lead to his freedom. day two of the fight for new
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question remains the same, did someone withhold the police report that showed another man could have committed the 1980 murder of robert lamonica in braintree. a police report surfaced after weichel's at any admitted -- attorney [indiscernible] an appeals court judge testified. >> i can say with confidence i did not see any connection. to inmates to the stand. >> i honestly believe that that is an innocent man sitting there. >> the new -- the inmates knew him from prison. >> he told me he had clipped someone when he was out on furlough. >> the response to me was i did
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guy just like that. >> do you think rocco bolero was involved in the murder? >> i believe he could have been. >> a hearing is expected to wrap up tomorrow after the district attorney's office presented case. it will be up to the judge to decide if fred weichel urges freedom. ed: for the first time this season a person in massachusetts has been diagnosed with west the department of public health says the patient is a woman in her 70's who lives in middlesex county. she's in the hospital. dph says there are more mosquitoes that could spread west nile virus because of the high temperatures and drought conditions we're experiencing. maria thieves in webster are : using skimming devices to steal thousands of dollars from atm customers. police releasing these photographs right here. the skimmers read your card when you put it into the card slot.
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webster five atms this past weekend. customers are asked to look at every machine before using it to make sure no device is attached. the license of a kennel in hanover has been suspended indefinitely weeks after a dog was attacked there. the 3-year-old golden doodle named ben later died from the injuries. the owner of briarwood kennel is charged with animal cruelty. investigators say the dog that attacked ben belongs to the owner of the kennel. ed: we are just getting started. : tonight because of these fast-moving flames. harvey: an uncomfortable night. i will let you know when the next round of storms will be headed. ed: a final salute tonight to a cambridge soldier held captive during the korean war. the emotional closure for his
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eat well for less. my stop & shop. ed: take a look at this. a raging brush fire continues to burn in southern california tonight, forcing more evacuations. this video shows the intensity of the flames 60 miles east of los angeles. this afternoon, in just an hour, more than 1000 acres, scorched. nearby residents have been told to get out as helicopters move
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: says a pilot program placing body cameras on some officers. will start next month. ed that's despite strong : opposition from the police union. the program was intended to be voluntary, but so far no officers have stepped forward. 100 officers are needed. despite the lack of volunteers, the mayor says the plan can move forward. >> our agreement is voluntary. that is what we are doing now. we have to get this program up and running. ed the police union claims that : a non-volunteer progra the department. boston police commissioner bill evans says he hopes to begin the six-month trial on september 9. maria: homecoming 65 years in the making. an flag-draped casket carrying the remains of corporal ronald sparks rolled off a plane at logan. a procession then guided the remains to sparks' hometown of cambridge. sparks died at the age of 19 in a prisoner of war camp during the korean war and his remains were only recently identified from a dna
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>> could you tell me how that felt when you got that phone call? >> well, my throat tightened, my eyes welled up. and i had to call back because i couldn't speak. maria: sparks' family plans to bury him in a cemetery plot his parents purchased some 60 years ago. the military says there are about 7800 korean war veterans it is still trying to identify. what a great thing for him to do. harvey: we only had one storm report and it is right here in clinton. that is where we did have the report of a medium-sized tree down on mauldin street. this is an interesting shot that was taken near milford i gregg.
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rotating wall cloud. there was no tornado. when you see while's and things like that you know the atmosphere is pretty close to doing something like that. if there was a little more instability there probably would have been a small spin up or two around the area. what is left of the action is just exiting cape an there is boston with a patchwork sky. 80 degrees and a southerly wind but it has become oppressively humid everywhere. temperatures are in the 70's and 80's but the real story is you see it just the way it was a couple of days ago back to the oppressive conditions and this will be a very stifling night. we have to wait for front to cross the region and then it will start to turn somewhat less humid during tomorrow afternoon. tonight's low temperatures will struggle to get to 75 in boston. with another friend approaching will we have another thread of a
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front line of storms in western new jersey and eastern new york state that could move toward connecticut and rhode island over the next few hours. also there is another area but this is farther north, there was a 20 no rot -- warning around the syracuse area. i cannot rule out a thunderstorm in and around boston sometime in the overnight at i would not guarantee one either. here are some of the storms a mentioned passing off to the south and there are the storms to the north. there could be a spot shower or thunderstorm tomorrow morning for the front crosses and then more comfortable air will start to move in. very slight chance of a spot shower north and west. chances are quite low. thursday may done with clouds from boston south especially and wave of low-pressure to the south giving way to developing sunshine and clouds to building over the interior during the midday and afternoon on thursday. here is the front that comes
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humid air to move in. once that happens we should be able to avoid the oppressive conditions on into the upcoming weekend. that is some encouraging news there. here at the high temperatures for tomorrow afternoon up into the 80's, it might touch 80 in harford. the human will be lowering so it will not be as difficult. ocean water temperature still amazing, very warm on the south side of the cape. around the cape side, 77. and fairweather clouds. it will see a land breeze. no sea breeze coming up. here is your next seven days, lowering the humidity into the attending weekend. it will be warm. cooler sea breeze is friday and saturday for the coast and the beaches. it becomes humid by sunday. some wet weather is moving in at some point early next week.
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>> now, one minute drill. mike: another feisty session with the da bears down in foxboro today. this morning's pugilist was bryan stork who was given the boot. yeterday's ejectee malcolm butler was back on the practice field. and in uniform right there. expected to be in full pads and participating by the end of the week. as -- lots of folks keep asking against the bears. that question was posed to bill belichick. does the fact that he will be here for the first four weeks of the season, . >> they are all important. we are trying to get them ready.
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no missed medication there. -- miss communication there. >> he will get sharp during those four weeks. >> right back here. ma phone with your watch is not good enough. ed: and (jet engine reving up) you hear that?
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the rio olympics wrapped up today for needham native aly raisman. ed and she added another medal : to her collection. raisman competed in the women's floor this afternoon and captured the silver medal. she won the gold in the same event in the 2012 summer games. this was raisman's third medal during rio and sixth overall in her olympic career. maria as aly competed this : afternoon, chanting and cheering filled the gym in burlington where she trains. the gymnasts had a watch party, olympic event in rio. a few of them trained with aly. they're inspired, but not surprised by her success. >> i have seen her growth throughout the eight years that she has been training for both olympics and it has been amazing to watch her and it is very motivating. >> she is really good if you're having trouble with something, can she -- she can give you advice and there to cheer you up
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your supporter when you are doing your skills. maria: raisman hasn't said yet whether she'll retire after these olympics. ed: simone biles wins her 4th gold of these games putting her in the record books. she is the fifth woman to accomplish that feat in gymnastics and she is the first american. her five medals total -- the most one by an ic making signs to bring smiles. maria: donald is about to give what his campaign calls a groundbreaking speech.
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ed: 5 for good tonight, big-screen super heroes bring big smiles to a local children's hospital. maria actors anthony mackie and : chris evans made a surprise visit to massgeneral hospital for children.
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fans. evans is a massachusetts native and is a frequent flyer at children's hospitals. harvey: there could be a couple of scattered storms overnight. more coming through tomorrow afte massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days
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nts in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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